My name is Allison (Ally) Berman and I am one of five fellows from the University of Michigan sent to Israel this summer through TAMID Israel Investment Group. TAMID’s goal is to engage students in Israel  through business in a three-phase program, but I never seem to do it justice in my explanations, so here is what TAMID officially does:

  1. Educational Seminars
    Students spend their first semester gaining a broad exposure to core business concepts and topics through:

    • Weekly seminars learning from American/Israeli executives and business school professors
    • Weekly “Huddle” workshops building a practical skill-set across various business disciplines
  2. Business Application (Where I am during the school year)
    Students apply knowledge from Educational Seminars to hands-on experience with Israeli Businesses:

    • The TAMID Fund – Management of a small portfolio of Israeli securities
    • The TAMID Consulting Group – Business development projects for Israeli start-up companies
  3. Fellowship Program (Where I am summer 2010)
    Students are immersed in the Israeli economy and culture through a funded summer internship and leadership experience in Israel:

    • Program funded by individual sponsorships from donors
    • $5,000 travel and living stipend for three month experience
    • Provides substantial and prestigious experience for future professional and personal opportunities
    • Solidifies the student’s connection to Israel and Israel’s connection to the student

That is the program.

As for me, in order the understand who I am and how I think, here are the basics things you should know:

1. I love Israel.

2. I think in food. Seriously. I would disappoint Benjamin Franklin because I live to eat…or more accurately, to bake.

3. When I grow up, I want a job that combines #1 and #2. Jerusalem Culinary Institute anyone?

4. I talk about my family. A lot. Because I love them. A lot.

5. I love Israel.

6. I love to learn. My favorite thing is to take what I learn in a classroom and apply it to the real world.

7. The world of blogging is foreign to me. Please be patient if my first few posts seem forced, but I am a quick learner (maybe that should be #8…)

Whether you come across my blog once, or follow me and my fellows daily, thank you for taking an interest in TAMID.

For more information, or to follow the other fellows, please visit


1 Response to “About”

  1. 1 aunt l April 28, 2010 at 12:31 pm

    way-to-go kiddo…..i am so proud of you…keep me posted on what is going on….i am really excited for you and your fellows…but mostly for you

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