The Middle Part VI: Five AM, Farewells and Fiddme

So, I learned something new last week. Hiking up Masada is only allowed before 5:00 am. That’s just disappointing. If someone has to travel and only has one day to do it all, it’s not fair! Speaking from experience, it’s a let down–now you can plan your trips accordingly.

But it was really hot…

Hikeless or not, it was amazing. Masada has a fascinating history and was gorgeous.


On Monday, Jon, Nate and I traveled to Tel Aviv to meet with Fiddme founder Yosi Taguri. He is one of the most energetic speakers I have ever met and also has one of the most refreshing philosophies. Direct quote: “I don’t deal with money. I deal with happiness.” There are not enough people, let alone entrepreneurs, out there who start something simply for the intrinsic satisfaction it brings. I’m too young to be jaded, but it was still great to see someone really get excited about an idea because it is a good idea, not because of the income potential.

My last week at BioLineRX has hands down been my busiest. I’ve been updating the financial statements, debugging the shareholder analysis report, helping legal and recently, helping the chemistry department finalize a presentation. Tomorrow is my last day at work (by the time you read this I may already be done, but go along for simplicity here) and it’s bittersweet. I’ve gotten very comfortable there and everyone has been exceptionally friendly and helpful. Stay tuned for next week for the official recap.

This morning I was able to see my very good friend and former Wolverine, Andrew Solomon, for what may be the last time for a very long time. He officially became an Oleh (immigrant) yesterday and I am so proud of his decision to join the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), but will miss him terribly. בהצלחה חבר!

Tomorrow my mom FINALLY arrives to Israel for her FIRST visit. We will spend the last week of the trip traveling and showing her around the country I love so much. Hopefully she too will be taken in my the magic that is Israel…and be more keen to visit again. If you have any suggestions of things to do/places to go/food to eat, please, send them along.

Well, as always, I thank you for your time, patience and, hopefully, suggestions. I leave you with love from Jerusalem and the weekly blooper reel. עד פעם הבא!

ps–to answer the burning questions I posed last week: the lack of title had a reverse effect.

Maize and blue, meet Masada.

That's for you Steph!


The wine festival to go with that cheese.

...because everything is better with cake. Or cupcakes.


1 Response to “The Middle Part VI: Five AM, Farewells and Fiddme”

  1. 1 aunt L August 4, 2010 at 9:41 pm

    talking to your mom on the phone while she waits to board the plane to isreal…..GOOOOOOD LUCK…..she is cranky, but excited to see you—looking forward to sitting in row 49 G!!!! OMG—be nice to her…..and if you wanted to buy an airconditioning unit for your apartment, that would be ok with her!!! Just kidding…i think…..

    I cant believe how fast the time has gone, but i am really looking forward to seeing you when you come back. we will celebrate your birthday when you get back….

    be well…have fun with your mom…..she is so excited to see you, and one of the hugs if from me!!!

    love you honey….have fun,

    aunt L

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