The Middle Part V

I’m conducting an experiment: will more people read my blog post this week if the title does not give away the contents? If I remember to check, I’ll update the results next week.

* * *

The responses we received from TechAviv have been tremendous. Between Jon, Nate and myself we have been in contact with dozens of entrepreneurs and CEOs of Israeli start-ups, followed leads on multiple potential consulting projects and set-up a few meetings to discuss future internship positions. We are all eagerly awaiting next week’s conference with the founder of Fiddme, the food sharing site.

At BioLineRX I have been working on organizing the company’s policies and procedures which involved nearly every department. It has allowed me to interact with different employees and get a taste of what exactly each level does. Next week will be my last of work, so I will be wrapping up last minute assignments–stay tuned for next week’s post for details.

Over the weekend I again traveled north. This time I made it to Safed where I spent a considerable amount of time in the artist colony (and found an AMAZING souvenir for my dad–even if he doesn’t like it, I do). Shabbat and the remainder of the weekend was spent in the central Galil at my friend’s kibbutz. It was my first experience with a real, old-school kibbutz. The name escapes me at the moment, which is not good (to be updated when I remember), but they do everything there–agriculture, livestock, factory work, food production, etc. As always, it was amazing to see my Israeli friends. They’re the best.

Safed, so many stairs.

Back in Jerusalem I returned to my “routine”. Tonight we met with Ilan Wagner from the Jewish Agency. JAfI is moving in a new direction towards supporting short term programs for young adults. Short term being defined as longer than 10 days (Birthright), but shorter than 5 months (minimum for MASA funding). Basically, exactly what the TAMID Fellowship offers. Hopefully we will be able to work with JAfI to help move the new plan along and develop TAMID into a program on the scale of Birthright and MASA.

Happy Birthday Ilan!

Well, I guess this will be a short-ish post. Thank you for following me thus far. As always, I leave you with love from Jerusalem, and the weekly blooper real. להת!

Safed Candle Factory.

Streets of Safed.

(finally) at BBB.

Back to the delicious shuk restaurant.


2 Responses to “The Middle Part V”

  1. 1 שרה לרמן-סינקוף July 28, 2010 at 3:25 pm

    Was the kibbutz you were at in the central Galil possibly named Ein Dor and in view of Har Tavor in the Jezreel Valley? I lived there for like three months, but I don’t think it qualifies as Old Skool because it privatized in 2003 😦

    PS I’m loving the blog and enjoying living vicariously!

    נתראה בקרוב (אבל לא קרוב מדי, נראה לי שאת לא רוצה לעזוב

  2. 2 Brett July 29, 2010 at 11:19 pm

    You guys rock! Great posts and love the photoreels. Keep up the awesome work!

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