The Middle Part IV: Trips, Tisha B’Av and TechAviv

It’s blog day again? Already? Oy veyzamer. To understand my confusion, please refer to my earlier post.

Anyway, our story last left with the final-full-five-fellow-fling. My day off for TAMID travels turned into a very long weekend and on Thursday I finally went traveling around Israel. And when I say around Israel, I mean all around Israel. Wednesday: Tel Aviv (I’m counting it, even thought it was for “work”), Thursday: Ein Gedi/Dead Sea, Friday: Haifa, Nazareth-Illit, Saturday: Ramat Ishay, Migdal ha-Emek and back to Jerusalem. Not only did I get to see the country, but I was able to meet up with some of the greatest people, Israeli חברים from previous trips.

Ein Gedi, with Sasha (Dead Sea in the distance).

Haifa beach with Daniel.

Sunday, as always, brought the return of the work week at BioLineRX. I have been updating the shareholder stock report, getting more experience with the very important and versatile (hence the name) pivot table, and generally floating around the office helping out various different departments. This morning I began a project compiling information about all of the chemistry-related vendors for the pre-clinical department.

Tisha B’Av began Monday night and I spent most of the first hours of the mourning day of observance with Jon and Nate. We went to a panel discussion put together by the Jerusalem Challenge and then made our way to the kotel. I have never seen it so busy. People were literally wailing at the wailing wall. Needless to say, it was a very eye-opening experience.

Luckily the fast was a relatively easy one, but that can likely be attributed to the fact that for the “difficult” hours of the fast (ie–the six hour home stretch) my mind was fully occupied by TechAviv: for, by and about Israeli start-ups. We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to pitch TAMID to a room full of innovative, bright and entrepreneurial Israeli business leaders. Nate summed up the experience perfectly: “Who else has a summer internship where people line up to see you?”

Nate's homerun pitch.

After our pitch we heard from three start-ups, my favorite of which was an enthusiastic gentleman who founded Fiddme, a food-photography sharing site. As an avid foodie, it was a delight to see how excited other people get about the same topic.

Well, that about sums up the week. It’s getting down to the wire and it’s starting to hit me that I really need to start making to most out of my Israeli experience.

As always, thank you for taking the time to follow my adventures. Until next time, I leave you with my love from Jerusalem (and all over Israel) and my blooper reel (enjoy the new food photos!)

Fountain at the Baha'i Gardens, Haifa. Ask me later about the fountains.

Real mint leaves in the tea.

Such pretty cappuccino.

My favorite Israelis.

With TechAviv founder Yaron Samid and Hod Fleishman.

Check out the pitch at!


1 Response to “The Middle Part IV: Trips, Tisha B’Av and TechAviv”

  1. 1 aunt l July 23, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    so….what about the fountains??? and allison…you have done more in 1 summer than most people do all year….

    i am so glad you are having a great summer… look wonderful….especially with sasha……(tee hee)

    jenny is coming home today….she is nervous about flying cuz the weather is so ugly—violent storms and all. we will go to the ann arbor art fair tomorrow..i cant wait to see her…..and yes…she is still living and working in omaha…..

    right now, your parents are shopping for fixtures for the new house…and when i say fixtures…i mean toilets and sinks….no wonder you wanted to get away for the summer!

    well, i have to go exercise now….i miss you. seeing your smiling face really helps alot….thanks for the pictures…

    love you,
    aunt L

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