The Middle Part III: Move, Meals and Meetings

Oh, how things can change in a week. Take for example, the location from which I am blogging: my new apartment. Last Thursday my roommates and I packed our belongings and trekked a half hour across Jerusalem to our new home. The reader’s digest version on the housing episode: about a month ago our land lady decided to evict us (illegally), so we were left with three weeks to find a new place, pack up and ship out. So that’s what we did. Thankfully I have some pretty fantastic roommates and we worked through the logistical nightmare to find a lovely apartment-house quite close to fellow fellow Jon.

So that was fun…

We all spent a wonderful Shabbat in Jerusalem. Friday night we welcomed the Sabbath bride with Nathan’s brother’s family. He and his wife are relative newly weds and we had a delightful dinner at their home with them and some of their colleagues.

Saturday afternoon we spent with Lisa Barkan, who recently launched the Jerusalem Challenge and her family. That too was a wonderful experience filled with fantastic food (and she graciously shared her much coveted banana crunch cake recipe) and great conversation.

Sunday I returned to BioLineRX and resumed work on updating the archive and restructuring the index. I can proudly announce that on Monday the internal audit was passed and I graduated from that long, yet fulfilling assignment. Yesterday I once again worked with stock option information and was glad to get back to financial work.

That takes you up to the move and meals (sorry about the lack of pictures, but during the move I was too scattered to take many, and the meals were during Shabbat). Now to the meetings.

This morning Nate, Jon and I met with Ari Gorlin of Kramer Electronics who served as TAMID co-founder Eitan Ingall’s mentor while he was a PresenTense fellow. He has a fascinating history of entering the high-tech industry on the cusp of the bubble, then changing careers to a slower paced profession. He has a significant resume for someone so young.

After that meeting we Jerusalem-ites went to Tel Aviv and spent some time walking around the city and beach before meeting with Kevin, Idan and Bank Leumi’s Avi Ifergan. Again we heard his tech-boom past, as well as were given printed slides about Israel’s economic history. One of his main messages was that in the next 25 years Israel is one of the few countries whose population will be approaching it’s “maximum spending” age, while others, like the US will be full of the elderly who will put economic strain on my generation. That means that Israel is on the brink of major economic growth that we should take part in. Interesting food for thought.

At the end of the night we said goodbye to Kevin and Idan, who return to the US on Tuesday and Thursday, respectively. It will be a much different summer without them here, but I am glad for the time we had as a full-fellowship program and am looking forward to spending more time with Jon and Nate.

* * * * *

Starting Sunday I only have three weeks of work left. This thought never fails to freak me out. Somehow I have already been here for so long, but it feels like I landed just yesterday. The “Jerusalem adrenaline” I attributed my constant energy that replaced jet-lag to has not diminished, although it has changed form. Israel is no longer the idealized Eden I had made it out to be before I arrived. Living here has awoken me to the harsh realities I knew, in the back of my mind, existed, but had never experienced. Still, I would not trade this fellowship for another teen tour. I am learning so much about Israel and myself by being able to live here and really see all this amazing place has to offer.

Well, there have not been nearly enough photos this post, so I leave you this week with an abbreviated blooper reel (sadly devoid of food images) and, as always, love from Jerusalem.

With Nate and Kevin.

A whole lot of fun with a whole lot of people.

With Naomi and Lydia.

Pizzaiolo in Tel Aviv.

Don't mess.

Oh, I love the Mediterranean.

Final Fellow Event.

Safe travels, Kevin and Idan!

...because I keep my promises.


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