The Middle Part I: Meetings Galore

Ok, I will concede that 4 weeks into a 10 week trip is no longer the “beginning”, but the middle is the bulk of any event, right?

We last left our story right before the meeting with Benchmark Capital’s Elie Wurtman. At the dinner we also had the pleasure of meeting one of Benchmark’s entrepreneurial success stories: Hod Fleishman, founder of GreenRoad. This meeting was much more business oriented and, as always, it was inspiring to hear from professionals in the field, as well as to see the proof that the right people with the right idea can turn a dream into reality. We spent a good portion of the evening discussing TAMID’s future and steps we need to implement while we are in Israel. The evening was also a success because we were able to get the first full-fellow-foto.

TAMID Fellows 2010

Shabbat was once again spent in Jerusalem with friends both American and Israeli.

And before I could say שבוע טוב, it was Sunday again and I returned to BioLineRX. This week was less finance related and I worked predominately in Human Resources. It was a change of pace different from what I am accustomed to. Tomorrow I will revert back from dealing with people to money and continue to update the system for categorizing investors’ shareholding. I’m very excited.

Tuesday night Nate and I went to see Sandy Cardin from Schusterman Family Foundation speak at PresenTense . He explained that the “cause du jour” for big Jewish philanthropists are young adult entrepreneurial endeavors. He then continued to list the attributes companies look for and essentially outlined TAMID and its goals (builds connection to Israel, non-denominational, action oriented).

One of the most inspiring events of the week was when Nate, Jon and I met with Hod Fleishman a second time at the beautiful Beit Ticho. It is one thing to hear from others how people respond to TAMID and another thing completely to see for myself the excitement TAMID inspires in people. Especially Israelis. Israelis love the idea of students coming to work and live in their country and then go back to the states with positive reports. Hod has been incredibly instrumental in helping us connect to key business people who can further aid TAMID in its quest for success.

Tomorrow the fellows will all go to Tel Aviv (a nice change of scenery) for some beach and bonding.

This past week was chock-full of TAMID meetings, so from here we can hope that the connections we made will bring good things, and continue to work on making TAMID a household name with substance behind it.

Well, that brings you all up to speed. As always, I appreciate it if you have made it this far (and for even clicking on my blog). For now, I send my love from Jerusalem (soon, Tel Aviv) and leave you with this week’s blooper reel and food photography. Enjoy!

PS: my mom made plans to visit me (and Israel for the FIRST TIME) at the end of my trip. If you have any suggestions of things to do, cities to visit, places to eat, sights to see or in general, great Israel attractions we CAN NOT miss, please pass them along. Thank you!

Fellows with Benchmark Capital's Elie Wurtman and Judith Phillips and GreenRoad's Hod Fleishman

Dessert at Mamilla

Fellows in Jerusalem

The fish, the whole fish, and nothing but the fish.

Nate, me, Jon. Beit Ticho.

Plum Pie

Jon, don't give me sass.


2 Responses to “The Middle Part I: Meetings Galore”

  1. 1 aunt L June 30, 2010 at 9:55 pm

    love the watch—you look great….have fun

    love you

  2. 2 Aunt Sue July 5, 2010 at 7:01 pm

    Amazing how different 4th of July is in another country. Especially Israel, where their independence is so different from ours!
    Happy Middle (so aptly named too!)
    Love you, Aunt Sue… and Laurie & Ben … and Scott … and Uncle Alan and Andrew.,…. and Magic too!

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