The Beginning: Part III

You can think whatever you want about this post’s title, but in my head, if it’s still the beginning of the summer, there is still tons of time left, heck, the rest of the beginning (ok, that might be pushing it), the middle and the (eventual) end. It’s all about perception.

Our story last left off with Jon‘s arrival and the promise of the first all-Fellow function: dinner with Vringo CEO Jonathan Medved and his family.

Last Friday Idan and Kevin came to Jerusalem and we spent a wonderful Shabbat evening at the Medved home. Mr Medved became involved with TAMID because of the JPost article written by fellow Nate and TAMID Director Brett Siegal. There was a little shop talk, but the predominate theme of the evening was hospitality and we were all so appreciative to welcome the Sabbath with such gracious hosts. The food was delicious, conversation thought-provoking and atmosphere beautiful (amazingly magnificent house–they have a fountain at the entrance! It is beautiful).

The Tel Aviv-ites spent Shabbat in Jerusalem and we all reconvened the following day at the Old City for some sight seeing. Due to Shabbat observance, picture opportunities were limited, but I did manage to take a few.

Kevin, Idan and Jon in the Old City.


Me, Nate and Jon.


Sunday brought the return of the work week and I was finally able to begin my first fully-finance related project. All week I have been analyzing the transactions of Bioline’s majority shareholders since its IPO (initial public offering) in 2007. This week was also exciting for BioLine because they announced their out-licensing agreement for further development of a schizophrenia anti-psychotic.

Tomorrow I will hopefully finish (or come close to finishing) the shareholder assignment, just in time for Shabbat. Tomorrow night is also the second fellow function, dinner with Elie Wurtman from Benchmark Capital. I am very excited for that, to see the other fellows, to finally get a full-five-fellow-fotograph (yeah, I like alliteration), and for another Shabbat in Jerusalem.

That catches you up on my Israel adventures. If you made it this far, again, I thank you for caring, or encourage you to take up an out-door hobby. Until next week, I send my love from Jerusalem.

PS: I’m going to try to have some form of photo-blooper reel each week. It will include the candid shots, food photography, and other just uncatoragizable picture my camera happens to capture. Enjoy!

Kevin, DTP: down to pose.


On the benches at salsa dancing (another story for another time) with Katharina and Naomi.

Dinner at the shuk with Jon, Nate and Naomi.

The dinner at the shuk (see previous caption). Shakshuka. Yum.


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  1. 1 Idan's Summer Internship in Israel June 29, 2010 at 4:26 am

    whats with all the pictures of me eating??? it looks like thats all i do… haa

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