6 Weeks and Counting

Thus far, the idea of actually getting to live and work in Israel this summer has been a lot of talk. Sure, there were companies, cities and housing options thrown around, but it was not until this past week that things solidified. Not only are they solid, but the details are concrete. So (insert synonym for solid) in fact, that I now posses plane tickets to and from Erytz Yisrael and an Internship contract (“Agreement”) with BioLineRX, the bio-medical research company at which I will be working. Being the personality I am and possessing the strengths I do (if we have not met, please see the “About” tab), it is ironic that I am the fellow to receive the bio-tech post. But I love learning new things. Luckily (for them) my job is in the finance department, not the lab. It will be an adventure, seeing the scientific world beyond Bill-Nye and MythBusters.

I would like to add at this point, as I will undoubtedly many more times throughout the summer, to thank everyone who is making this dream and reality.

So here I am: with this fantasy slowly becoming a reality. Not that I want to look any direction but forward, but things are really happening.

Six weeks and counting.


1 Response to “6 Weeks and Counting”

  1. 1 aunt l April 28, 2010 at 12:32 pm

    someone should fix that flag!!!!

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